Opening remarks from the Chair
Liz Wheadon, Director, Retail NZ
An overview of the retail sector for independent retailers in New Zealand
  • Showcasing the New Zealand landscape for independent retailers  

  • What are the key challenges and opportunities for independent retailers’? 

  • Exploring the difference between surviving and thriving 

  • Exploring growth strategies for small to medium retailers – collaboration, loyalty programmes and more 

Juanita Neville-Te Rito, CEO, Retail X
Attracting and retaining talent in the small to medium retailers’ industry
  • Understanding the retail sector as a career platform for new talent   

  • Creating growth opportunities for new recruits  

  • Fostering a workplace culture that aligns with new recruits – how can small to medium retailers achieve this?  

  • Passion is key - where do you find passionate staff?

Jenna Todd, Manager, Time Out Bookstore
Developing a seamless web experience for a small to medium retailer
  • How can independent retailers implement omni-channel as a retail growth strategy? 

  • Where to start and understanding common pitfalls in creating omni-channel experience 

  • Showcasing successful examples that the New Zealand independent retailers can learn from

Anita Affleck, Director, Global Baby
Culture as a key driver of growth

Evo Cycles has set out to become New Zealand's premier bicycle and accessory retailer. 

Growing from 7 to 13 stores in only 10 months learn how Evo Cycles used company culture and values as a key driver to achieve successful and continuing growth.

Sam Fletcher, CEO and Founder, Evo Bikes
Why Sustainability is now the key driver of Innovation
  • Developing a strong purchasing policy
  • Collaborating with suppliers to achieve results
  • Making courageous decisions – negative impact on margin, positive impact on environment
Angela Clarke, Manager Sales & Commercial, Auckland Zoo
Addressing the cash flow challenges faced by small to medium retailers
  • Sharing examples of small retailers that have struggled with cash flow – what are the solutions available? 

  • Implementing different revenue structures – how can small to medium retailers create these? 

Closing keynote: Pics Peanut Butter’s retail journey

Now in their 10th year of operations, Pics has recently opened up their biggest factory in Nelson. From humble beginnings to the nation’s most loved peanut butter, hear from the Nelson retailer on their journey and what you can do to grow as an independent owner operator.  

Pic Picot, Chief Executive Officer, Pics Peanut Butter
Afternoon break
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