Maria O’Halloran


Ballantyne & Co

Maria is the Chief Executive Officer for J Ballantyne & Co and has been in this role for six years.  Before joining Ballantynes, Maria honed her Management skills in the cosmetics and pharmaceuticals industries where she held various senior positions.  


In addition to an online shopping presence, Ballantynes is a “bricks and mortar” retail business with Department stores in Christchurch and Timaru.  

Renowned for its ability to maintain its traditions of service and quality in a modern and fast paced retail environment – Ballantynes has successfully traded for over 165 years.  


Along with the retail business, Ballantynes has a property investment portfolio that requires a separate focus for Maria. This includes a current Re-build project at the Christchurch site.  


As Chief Executive Officer, Maria leads the business, its brand and reputation.  The core responsibility being to develop, execute and deliver the Company’s strategic direction and annual business plan and budget. Maria enjoys her role and the ability to think strategically – leading teams to share and execute the vision for the Company. 


Ballantynes is, very proudly, the New Zealand member of the Intercontinental Global Department Stores. Along with other members such as Selfridges and Le Bon Marche, Maria attends their annual CEO conference and World Department Store Summit each year. 

With years of on the job training, Maria now looks forward to supplementing her expertise with formal studies and this year began an MBA. 

In her spare time, Maria finds physical challenges are a powerful stress release and is currently training for her next Adventure Race. In this she will run, bike, raft and navigate for anything between six to twelve hours - depending on her team’s ability to not get lost along the way.