Ceinwen McNeil


BVT Engineering Professional Services

Ceinwen joined BVT Engineering Professional Services as CEO in January 2019, after working alongside our team as a consultant to design and execute our growth strategy, optimise client services and project delivery.

Ceinwen is a strong leader with the unique and highly valuable ability to turn strategy into tangible outcomes. She is well-regarded for providing a fresh perspective and is on a mission to change the way people do business. This makes her a natural fit for BVT and our vision to revolutionise the engineering industry and shake up existing ways of working.

After studying at Harvard Business School, Ceinwen was inspired to move away from her role as a business development executive with a global Top 4 firm and into business advisory and development to set up her own international strategy firm. Through her customised growth strategy development, she has now successfully positioned many businesses to navigate change and be positioned for success into the future.

Since starting with BVT as CEO, Ceinwen has already implemented several projects to further our growth agenda including focusing on the retail and wholesale environments.

Ceinwen is passionate about the power of storytelling in business, both as a tool to bring vision and strategy to life, and as a way to understand people‚Äôs individual stories; who they are, what they need and what drives them.  Ceinwen is looking forward to discussing the transformation of the retail environment and client experience together with the other panel members.