With one eye on today and one eye on tomorrow, the Summit will traverse the topics that are critical to New Zealand retailers to survive in today’s rapidly changing competitive environment. New technology and the demand for sustainable and ethical products in supply chains and packaging are putting pressure on business-as-usual models, encouraging innovation and collaboration to remain competitive.

Capitalise on new opportunities to partner, uncover new technologies and new supply chain solutions to support the store of the future. Understand how vertical integration, strong product provenance and outstanding customer experiences can trump the global giants whilst retaining margin.

Retail NZ Summit Themes 

The meeting place for big box to small retailers and e-tailers, manufactures, government & regulators, suppliers and consumer groups to discuss the New Zealand retail environment. The one-day summit will be divided into the following themes: 

  • Driving the future of retail 
  • Disrupting in the retail space 
  • Review , Regulation and compliance 
  • Keeping on top of retail in New Zealand
  •  Demographics & Customer Insight Trends – Profiling New Zealand’s Digital and Analogue Customers 

  • Attracting the best – Building an industry brand for Retail NZ Inc 

  • How Automation & AI will transform Retail  

  • Digitisation of the Customer Journey at The Warehouse Group 

  • The Subscription Economy - how partnering and bundling will differentiate your value proposition 

  • Integrating online platform with the bricks and mortar experience – what’s the secret sauce? 

  • Commerce Commission Address – Market Studies Afoot 

  • Retail’s workforce edge – how the gig-economy can play into the industry advantage 

  • The Regulators Panel – Commerce Commission, Consumer NZ and Advertising Standards Authority 

  • Preventing & mitigating fraud  

  • Sustainability and the Circular Economy – how industry and government can work hand in hand  

  • Crossing the Ditch – why have Kiwi brands struggled in Australia, and what Restaurant Brands did second time round to be successful 

  • When it all goes wrong – learning from the coal-face of insolvencies 

If you’d like to get in touch regarding the Summit or provide input, please contact Mili Goswami (milig@conferenz.co.nz).


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